LETTER: Votes for progressives

To the Editor:

The dust has settled and the votes have been counted. Keizer can be proud of the quality of the candidates who stepped up to serve on city council and as state representative. 

The three progressive candidates made a good show against establishment candidates and an incumbent. Dylan Juran received a respectable 45% of the vote, and Michele Roland Schwartz barely lost in a squeaker. Michael DeBlasi had a very tough uphill battle against incumbent Laura Reid, but received over 6,000 votes. All candidates ran with enthusiasm, integrity and honesty. We thank them for that and know that they will continue to serve our community the same way.  

The race for House District 25 was closer than many thought would happen. Ramiro Navarro, a newcomer from Keizer without wide name recognition, no elected experience, and very little money, gave multi-term incumbent Bill Post a real run for his money, garnering a respectable 43% of the vote from almost 15,000 voters. That is a real indication of need for a change in House District 25. Bill Post has very little to point to in his terms in the state House, except when he abandoned his job and walked out rather than stay and see the democratic process through.  

Mr. Post called the supporters of Navarro and other progressive candidates a “gang.” Most Americans would call them an “alternative” candidates who filed and ran campaigns offering a different vision for the future, which is the way elections are supposed to operate.  

The 2020 election has shown that Keizer is changing and we welcome those who step up and want to be part of the future.  

Kathy Lincoln