A note from above: Messengers send love to the lonely and hurting

A flyer for their upcoming event.

For three years the Music Box Angels have been surprising people with music boxes, visitations and prayer– so when 2020 came in full force bringing isolation and tragedy, they knew just what to do. 

“I call it a drop and dash. We’d usually go into their homes and visit with them for a bit, [but now] we’ve been just leaving the music box on their porch and then we call them and make sure they have it and visit with them a little bit,” said Vickie Martin, the treasurer for the Music Box Angels. They plan to go back to in-home visitation after the risk of COVID-19 diminishes.

Every box comes with a card, something that tells them who ordered the box, a plan for salvation and a poem written by Faye Kircher, president of the group.

All of the music boxes are given for free to people who are hurting, whether it be the loss of a loved one or pet, someone who is ill or even someone who is just lonely, the Music Box Angels want to show God’s love.

“Never will we ever sell our music boxes,” said Kircher. The organization happily accepts donations from individuals and churches, but every box that they deliver is free of charge with no expectation of a future donation.

One of their fundraisers is scheduled for November 5-7 at Keizer Christian Church from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will be selling crafts and decorations that the angels have made to raise money so they can continue giving out music boxes. It is marketed as a Holiday Bazaar, but there will be some fall related décor for sale as well.

The group is taking COVID-19 precautions, such as not serving food, only allowing 30 people in at a time and requiring masks. 

Faye Kircher and Vickie Martin, of Music Box Angels, are planning a fundraiser in Novemeber.

Though they are a Christ-based ministry, they are open and welcoming to anyone.

“We have some from every denomination Catholics, Mormons, Methodists, Lutherans,” Kircher said.

“We even have one little gal that doesn’t adhere to any faith at all,” Martin added. “She comes and we enjoy her and she enjoys doing it, but we do talk about Jesus and we pray.”

The one thing Kircher and Martin wanted to express to the community was that this ministry is serious. So far they have delivered to 47 states and several other countries.

“We want people not only to support us but we want them to get involved and we want them to know they can make a difference showing God’s love to people,” Kircher said. Men and women are welcome to come and help create boxes and greeting cards, pray or organize fundraisers. 

To order a music box or get involved, contact Kircher at [email protected], or on Facebook @Music Box Angels.

CORRECTION: This article originally said that masks would not be required at the craft sale. Masks will be required due to the Governors mandate.