LETTER: Bill Post fights for us

To the Editor:

In these challenging times, it is easy for small businesses to give in to despair. I want to thank all our elected officials who never give up working on our behalf. 

I’m writing today specifically about State Representative Bill Post’s fight for us. Small businesses are the lifeblood of any healthy state structure, especially Oregon. The ability for small businesses to thrive in Oregon has become significantly more challenging year after year.

We continue to work harder every year to manage a bottom line that would take care of our business overhead and allow for profitability. But we cannot do it without State Representatives like Bill Post realizing that aggressive state taxing and regulation of small businesses is throttling us. Many businesses have given up in despair and left.

Bill Post has stood up for small businesses and given us the voice we need in order for us to continue to provide a quality operation in Oregon. Every small business is essential to the value of life in Oregon. Keep small businesses in Oregon. Please vote for State Representative Bill Post for House District 25.

Lisa Walker