Former MHS teacher, coach arrested after restaurant altercation

Trisha Ebbs

A former McNary High School teacher and assistant coach with the softball program was arrested after allegedly verbally assaulting a victim of sexual assault at a restaurant in Keizer Station.

On Friday, Jan. 24, Trisha Ebbs was at Hop N Drops, 6295 Keizer Station Boulevard, about 9:30 p.m. with her husband and several other people. When a 20-year-old woman was seated at another table with her father and another friend, Ebbs recognized the the 20-year-old as the victim of a sexual assault investigated by a Marion County Sheriff’s Office in 2017. Ebbs was with the parents of the now 21-year-old man who was investigated and later convicted of assaulting the victim present at the restaurant that evening and a second minor, female victim.

A few minutes following the victim entering the restaurant, Ebbs walked to where the woman was seated and began screaming at her, hurling expletives at the victim and what she believed were the circumstances were that led to a conviction.

Restaurant employees and witnesses said Ebbs was “on top of” the second group when describing the interactions.

The woman’s father, attempting to intervene and defend his daughter, pushed Trisha Ebbs.

Security video of the incident shows Ebbs’ husband, Jason Ebbs, stepping in and pushing the father back into his seat while other customers at the Ebbs’ table rush in. After exchanging words with the man, Jason appears to attempt to separate all the parties involved. 

Jason is a math teacher at McNary and the head coach of the wrestling team. 

Trisha was arrested for disorderly conduct and was processed at the Marion County Jail, she was then released. An investigation is ongoing. She was placed on administrative leave from her job at North Salem High School Monday, Jan. 29. Jason Ebbs was placed on administrative leave at McNary on Tuesday, Jan. 30.