City puts out call for skater bois — and grrls

City officials make frequent attempts to get the local youth involved in the conversations that occur inside city hall, but they are going all out on May 1 to attract a specific audience: users of Carlson Skate Park. 

The Keizer Parks Department will be hosting a public forum on proposed improvements at the skate park and those who use it are encouraged to attend. The general public is also invited.

“We’ll start the meeting at the park and then move into the lobby at city hall for more of a discussion,” said Robert Johnson, Keizer parks supervisor. 

The skate park lacks certain features that might make it more appealing to users in addition to needing considerable maintenance and repair. The project was made possible with the onset of a parks service fee. 

During the meeting, city officials are seeking input on four proposed improvements:

• Rebuilding the two bowls in the park.

• Creating transitions that allow users to move from one to another without getting off their wheels.

• Rebuilding the half-pipe area.

• Additional sanding and resurfacing akin to what was done last summer. 

After several years of deteriorating conditions, usage of the skate park faltered and visitors were just as likely to be found in the parking lot as they were in the park itself. After the resurfacing effort, riders of all types returned in droves.