Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I am in support of libraries, but it has to be done right. Keizer needs to stand on its own, but most importantly it needs to be done in a very sound fiscal way.  We do not need to do funding with a, well—it may cost you[Read More…]

Amy Queen for Circuit Court judge

Amy Queen To the Editor: Here’s why I am endorsing Amy Queen for Marion County Circuit Judge – Position 14:  I worked with Amy on many public safety issues and projects when I was the Woodburn Police Chief and the Salem Deputy Police Chief. Amy is an experienced and talented[Read More…]

Disappointed by editorial

To the Editor: Constituents of the greater Salem-Keizer area drew attention to the dog whistle that is “The Reawaken American Tour,” during the March 21st Keizer City Council Meeting. Hannah Shooting Bear drew the most direct connection between the rhetoric and ideology of the tour, with its roots in our[Read More…]

Letter: What can we do?

To the Editor: The Trump Administration is rolling back environmental programs and safeguards on a fairly regular basis. Our state legislature could step in to manage and oversee the voids that are being created by the roll backs. But if there isn’t the political will, interest, and money to do[Read More…]

Mitigate climate change

To the Editor: Science says: The two most effective things we human individuals can do to mitigate climate change are, (1) drive less and, (2) stop eating red meat.  Something to think about while you’re sucking exhaust fumes in the In-N-Out que waiting to order a double dead cow. Just sayin’.[Read More…]