Author: Ramiro Navarro

Treat farmworkers fairly when it comes to overtime

During the wildfires, while daytime skies were dark in Willamette Valley, farm workers showed up to work. In the heatwaves, farm workers endured hazardous conditions while literally dying from heat exposure. Throughout this pandemic, farm workers show up to ensure we have fresh food while fighting for access to basic[Read More…]

Equal opportunities

Is it divisive to want equal treatment? Not more, just equal. Not better, just equal.  In a recent conversation I had with an elected official, I was accused of being divisive for wanting a community that cares for everyone equally. This reminded me of a quote I read which states,[Read More…]

What is the solution to systemic racism?

My name is Ramiro Navarro and I am running for State Representative for House District 25. I had really hoped that my first letter to the Keizertimes would be to outline my policies and history of advocacy, but today I felt like I had to address something that’s been weighing[Read More…]