How Your City Works

HOW YOUR CITY WORKS: Departments take care of the city’s need

Public Works

Director: Bill Lawyer

The department is a professional team that serves the community by building, operating and maintaining quality, safe and secure public facilities.

Public Works is the second largest department in Keizer government and its responsibilities extend far beyond simply providing and maintaining Keizer’s  infrastructure including the water division, street division, permits and design standards and specifications. 

The department also maintains the city’s parks and trails. 


Director: Shane Witham

The department provides services such as land use planning, building permit processing and code compliance services. It administers the Keizer Development Code ordinance and is responsible for flood plain management within the city. The department is responsible for implementing Keizer’s Comprehensive Plan which guides future growth and development. 

Human Resources

Director: Machell DePina

Human Resources directs the recruitment and selection of city employees, except for the city manager and the city attorney.

The Human Resources Department handles collective bargaining with two unions, which represents about half of all city employees.   


Director: Tim Wood

The department plans and directs the financial operations of the city. It establishes and sustains controls over the city’s financial activities and provides accurate, timely financial information to the City Council and Management

The Finance Department coordinates the annual budget preparation and administration. The department analyzes the city’s financial condition, invests funds, coordinates bond financing, ensures compliance with tax laws and bond covenants, and recommends financial policies to the City Manager and the City Council.  The Finance Department also maintains the integrity of the city’s accounting records and facilitates the annual audit

Managing utility billing and the Municipal Court office are also part of the department’s responsibilities.


Director: Adam Brown, City Manager

The City of Keizer operates under a council-manager form of government. The City Manager assists the City Council in the development and formulation of policies, goals and objectives, and keeps them informed of important community issues. 

The city manager is responsible for translating the City Council’s goals into budgetary priorities. 

The Administration Department is also comprised of the City Recorder and the Deputy City Recorder. 

Legal/City Attorney

City Attorney: Shannon Johnson

The City Attorney’s office represents the City of Keizer (and companion entities such as the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Keizer) and cannot provide legal advice to private citizens. 

The department also includes the city attorney’s legal assistant.