Missing cat returned to Friends of Felines

Brian Butler (left) and Neftali Romero snap a photo with Chedderman.

Chedderman, a 2-year-old cat from Salem Friends of Felines, was recently found after running away on January 9th. He ran away in the parking lot of the shelter soon after being adopted by Brian Butler. 

The orange tabby was then found by 12-year-old Neftali Romero who first noticed Chedderman hiding under houses in his neighborhood. 

Romero stepped up and brought the cat inside to be taken care of. A week later, while out on a walk, he noticed the photo of Chedderman on a missing cat poster and returned him to the shelter.

Butler and Chedderman were reunited on Tuesday, Jan. 25th. Butler also had the opportunity to thank Members of the community came together to give Romero $150 in cash and a $50 Nike gift card as a thank you for his good deed.