Keizer officers arrest car clouter

Keizer Police Department

On Friday, Sept. 3, at approximately 4:30 a.m., Keizer Police officers responded to a suspicious activity in the area of McLeod Ln. N.E. and Aldine Dr. N.E. A citizen called to report they received a Ring notification and observed a person attempting to gain entry into vehicles by lifting door handles. 

The citizen gave a description of the suspect and possible direction of travel. Officer’s responded to the area and located 28-year-old old Jerry Atalig II, who matched the description.

Upon investigation, it was determined that Atalig II was responsible for the unlawful entry of numerous vehicles in the neighborhood and the theft of random items which were recovered near where he was contacted by police. Atalig II was arrested and then interviewed by detectives where he admitted to opening unlocked car doors and stealing various items.

Atalig II was charged with eight counts of Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle (UEMV) and Theft in the Second Degree. — Keizer case number 21-2537.

Atalig II was further questioned about older cases dating back a month or more and admitted to committing UEMV and Theft where his photograph was captured on home surveillance equipment in the Wheatland Rd N. area. Keizer Police cases 21-2161, 21-2460, 21-2461 and 21-2465 were cleared by Atalig II’s arrest. He was charged with six additional counts of UEMV, two counts of Theft in the Third Degree and one count of Theft in the Second Degree.

Mr. Atalig II was not eligible to be lodged due to COVID restrictions at the Marion County Correctional Facility and therefore, there is no booking photograph. He was cited and released at the police department.