LETTER: The times are a changin’

To the Editor:

It seems that my state Rep. Bill Post (Tea Party, Trump Party, whatever) is a little cranky after a group of Democrats, led by City Councilor Roland Herrera and my wife, Carol Doerfler, supported three candidates for Keizer City Council who were not (horrors!) darlings of the Chamber of Commerce.

None of them won. Instead Keizer voters chose, an incumbent, a home builder and a lawyer accused of sexual harassment. But, the mere fact of a challenge to the status quo prompted Post to post on (anti) social media, “The leader of this gang, a current councilor will be ousted in two years..mark my words, this gang will be tossed from Keizer. I’ve had enough of their hostile takeover attempts.”

Perhaps a serious challenge to Post from RJ Navarro inspired the un-statesman-like hissy fit, or maybe Post’s knickers are in a knot after the dear leader of his party failed to carry reliably red Marion County, but whatever the cause of his pique, he should know that the “gang” aint’ goin’ nowhere. They will continue to field candidates for local office whose qualifications go beyond party loyalty and next time, they’ll win. ‘Cause Bill Post, the times, they are a changin’.

Martin Doerfler