Thank you for service

In the United States there are approximately 17.4 million veterans of all the armed forces. Next week, America marks Veterans Day, when we honor and celebrate those who served and sacrificed for their country.

Regardless of their rank or position, every military veteran should be proud of their service. Since the draft was abolished in the 1970s, our armed forces have been manned by men and women who have volunteered. 

Americans have served, and continue to serve, in spots around the globe, from Korea to Afghanistan to Bosnia and everywhere in between. 

Other nations may have more personnel in uniform, but the American military is more dedicated to its mission, and the American military is the envy of the world. They are well trained and have the equipment they need.

Service prepares one for life after the military; the skills learned are easily transferred to civilian life. However, the issue of homelessness for veterans is a dark stain that must be addressed. Also, an alarming number of veterans take their own lives each year.

A country that values its veterans must assure that those who served and sacrificed for all of us have the quality of life they assured for the country.

“Thank you for your service” must always been said from the heart. Let us guarantee that our words are supported by programs to alleviate homelessness and suicide. 

Our veterans gave their all, let’s do the same for them.