LETTER: By nature pitbulls are not a danger

To the Editor:

Ending abusive behavior towards pitbulls is a key step for ending all violence, which is why it’s important to resolve the problem by educating people.

For clarification, the term, “pitbull,” actually classifies four dog breeds, but the original breed is the American Pitbull Terrier.

To start off, the main cause of pitbull abuse is the dog owner. The important thing to look at is why owners abuse their pitbulls. A main cause of animal abuse is if the owners are violent towards people, such as domestic abusers and criminals. People also abuse their pitbulls because they want to entertain themselves and gain money. This happens through the horrible culture of dog-fighting. It still happens currently, but it’s under the radar.

Another component of the problem is the history of the dog breeds. It’s well known that pitbulls have a bad reputation and are labeled as aggressive. The label built mainly came from the dog-fighting culture, where people treat them with unimaginable cruelty in order to make them fight better. This perception affects the way people look at the dogs.

So, how can we change this? To help solve pitbull abuse, one solution would be teaching about the problem. This includes public visuals, such as PSAs and speeches. By taking this action, it’ll raise awareness and inspire people to assist the dogs for freedom.

To bring this back together, pitbull abuse should be resolved by educating society about the problem, revealing that these dogs want to be loved just like anyone.

Rosemarie Rojas