Northwest Wildlife Removal, LLC • 503-991-2404 • WCO #100180

Omar Lopez

Critters. Every homeowner has had them. Not every critter is a cuddly ball of fur. Many times they threaten our pets or damage our homes. If this is you, call Omar Lopez at Northwest Wildlife Removal, LLC.

Since September Omar has helped the Willamette Valley by humanely removing nuisance wildlife from homes and businesses. Their most common service call is for removal of rodents, raccoons, opossum, skunks and squirrels.

“We also handle birds and dead animal removal,” said Omar.

Northwest Wildlife Removal’s quality service includes honest analysis of any wildlife situation as well as warm customer relations. “We love to create relationships with our customers so they can feel comfortable telling us their concerns,” Omar said. “We make sure to address (concerns) in a timely manner. We explain every step of the process,” he added.

Omar Lopez is a Keizer resident—when you call you are talking to a family-run, locally owned business. Their team is highly educated in the field of trapping and wildlife removal. “We pride ourselves on being very efficient and effective in our work, so you never have to spend more time or money than is necessary.”

If your home or office is experiencing unwanted critters, call Omar Lopez at 503-991-2404 to make the nuisances go away. His WCO number is 100180.