Keizer’s First Citizen Awards

Keizer Awarded four outstanding individuals on Saturday, January 21st, for accomplishments and overachievement through their display of Pride, Spirit, and Volunteerism over the course of the 2022 year.

Marsha Stallings awarded First Citizen 2022.

Lyndon Zaitz awarded Merchant of the Year 2022.

Erik Jesperson awarded Service to Education 2022.

Tim Davis awarded the Presidents Award 2022.

In addition to these spectacular pillars of the community Jenna Mowery was awarded the Dennis Koho, Future First Citizen 2022, and while the other four nominees did not quite get the title, all five (Jetta Mowrey, Cooper Cripe, Aidan Wilson, Logan Bowlby, and Hunter Ruberto) will receive a $1000 scholarship upon acceptance into the college of their choice.

The event was supported by local Keizer business, sponsors included –

Key Sponsor: Willamette Valley Bank
Award Sponsors:
First Citizen Award Clock – Northwest Dental Arts
Education Award Clock – Oregon State Credit Union
Merchant Award Clock – Remodeling by Classic Homes
President’s Award Clock – Boucher Jewelers
Other – James Hutches, Country Financial
Dennis Koho Award Sponsor – Mavericks League