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A Quiet Place: Day One focuses on formula, succeeds 

What started as a tense little story of a family trying to survive in a world of aliens with an intense desire to maul everything that makes the slightest sound eventually did what most successful films do: It became a big ‘ol series.
Despite this, the second film did not lose its intimate and personal nature, and the prequel/, A Quiet Place: Day One, follows suit, much to its benefit. 

Hit Man skirts by on lovability, not much else 

Hit Man is a romance that isn’t really romantic, a comedy that isn’t really that funny, and a crime story that doesn’t delve too deeply into the law and the punishments of those who break it. But despite its nebulous genre I actually enjoyed Hit Man for the most part, mostly thanks to some incredible acting and the chemistry of the two leads. 

Review: The Acolyte

There are some plot holes that I take umbrage with, and it remains to be seen if the show will be faithful to the canon established before it, but the basic bones of The Acolyte look promising so far, especially the bits about family and sisterhood. 

Apocalyptic epic starts slow, finishes strong 

Once I finally got to watch it, I was initially thrown for a bit of a loop–the latest film in George Miller’s post-apocalyptic Aussie saga is considerably slower in a few segments than its predecessor. But once I got past that initial speed bump, what I discovered was a beautifully insane film that, while not a classic like Fury Road, is still a whole lot of fun for action film fans. 

Newest Apes film earns its Kingdom 

I was happy to learn that Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes–awkward titles are just inherent to the series–wasn’t just another reboot. The Serkis trilogy was always going to be a tough act to follow and, despite the odds, they pulled it off. Kingdom is great. 

Desert planet film provides deluge of stars, action, and plot 

Dune: Part Two was a slightly different beast—sure, it may be a whole 18 minutes longer, but I found 2021’s Part One to be exceptional.

And even though  Denis Villeneuve’s latest adaptation may have taken up a good chunk of my evening I have to say—I loved every minute of it.