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Book review: “Heartbreak”

Cupid can just take a hike. He’s messed up your life enough by now, and you’re not taking it anymore. That fat little cherub can just go away, vamoose, get lost, never again darken your doorstep with a quiver full of love arrows. No thanks, you’re already heading for divorce and you don’t[Read More…]

Book review: “Immortal Valor”

You’d need that pin to get in. Put it on your chest and you’d get access to an exclusive club. The pin tells the world what you did, that you were elite, that you acted with honor. If you earned the pin, you’d wear it with pride. In “Immortal Valor” by Robert Child, it’s a beribboned thing that you’d definitely deserved. Almost since the birth of this country, soldiers who have exhibited[Read More…]

Book review: Let’s Get Physical

Heavy sigh.  You need to watch your weight. There it is, the blunt, unavoidable truth, now that the holidays are over and the parties are done. You need to have cookie-calories shed, poundcake pounds lost, flan flab melted. Or you need to hide the scale in a closet, find “Let’s Get Physical” by Danielle[Read More…]

Book review: “Rock Concert”

You barely made a sound until the lights were up. And then you roared. Your favorite band was about to come onstage and you, plus 14,999 of your best friends, were makin’ some noise, ready to sing along and dance, ready to feel the bass. Read “Rock Concert” by Marc Myers, and you’ll remember the days… In the[Read More…]

Book review: “Lightning Down”

The storm’s a-coming. You can smell it in the air: rain’s on the way, maybe thunder, maybe more, but the high winds are what you hate. They make you run for shelter and pray hard. The storm’s a-coming, and in “Lightning Down” by Tom Clavin, it’s never as mild as you hope[Read More…]

Book review: “An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed”

Memories flood your brain at the oddest times. They’re spontaneous and unbidden, random and fleeting. You may be tinkering in the kitchen, and thoughts of a childhood friend pop into your head. Raking leaves, and Grandpa’s car enters your mind. Reading a book like the new novel “An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed” by Helene Tursten, and you[Read More…]

Book review: “I’ll Take Your Questions Now”

You’re not using semaphore flags. Nope, what you’re saying is clear and concise, spoken in plain language, enunciated, not rushed. You’re not mumbling, you’re communicating as precisely as possible but as in the new book “I’ll Take Your Questions Now” by Stephanie Grisham, it’s possible, even still, that the message is received all wrong. It is[Read More…]