Burn ban in effect

The Marion County Fire Defense Board has issued a backyard burn ban effective April 14 in all areas of Marion County.

Due to moderate winds, higher temperatures and low humidity backyard burning is not allowed through Sunday, April 18. Conditions will be reevaluated on Monday, April 19. Be aware of the potential of a rekindling on any piles that were previously lit. For piles lit within the last month take the time to ensure they are completely extinguished.

The burn ban includes yard debris and agricultural burning is strongly discouraged. Agricultural burning includes waste generated by an operation that uses, or intends to use, land primarily for the purpose of obtaining a profit by raising, harvesting, and selling crops.

Check with local fire departments/districts for more information. For the most current information, please call the Burn Information Line at (877) 982-0011.

Restrictions include: backyard burning (yard debris, etc.), agricultural burning is strongly discouraged and land clearing or slash burning. Contact local fire agencies for special situations.

Individuals found to be in violation of these requirements during the burn ban may be held liable for the cost of putting out a fire and for any property damage resulting from an illegal fire.

For more wildfire prevention information and restrictions, we encourage you to visit Keep Oregon Green at and the Oregon Department of Forestry at