Fire damages apartments in S.E. Keizer

Keizer Fire District

On Wednesday, April 7, just before 10 a.m., Keizer Fire District (KFD) responded to call on the corner of Clearview Street and Clearview Court where visible smoke was in a structure. The call was made by an individual in a passing car who saw smoke coming from the building. 

Upon arrival fire crews found smoke and flame coming from the roof of a two-story apartment. 

According to KFD fire marshal Ann-Marie Storms, no one was home at the time of the fire. The occupant on the second floor had been in the building earlier in the day, but left approximately 30 minutes before the fire had started. The first floor occupant is in the process of moving and wasn’t home. 

Fire crews got to the scene and were able to get the fire under control quickly. However, neither apartment will be able to be occupied due to smoke, fire and water damage.

A dog and a cat were in the second floor apartment at the time of the fire. The dog was let out of the complex upon arrival of the fire crew, but the cat is still missing.

The fire was started due to the complex’s property manager accidentally bumping a burner while leaving a styrofoam cooler and a Easter basket on the stovetop. 

“This is a good reminder for people to not put anything on a stovetop that doesn’t belong there,” Storms said. 

Matt Rawlings: [email protected]