An Easter week reflection

Why are you troubled? 

And why do questions arise in your hearts?

—Luke 24:38

The verse above has been on my heart and my mind frequently over this past year. For many of us, it has been a year full of troubles: a global pandemic that has changed even routine aspects of our daily lives, rampant wildfires, and a rare, devastating ice storm. 

I know all this has created questions for me. A dear friend’s brother is a Jesuit priest, and I asked him if it was okay that I sometimes questioned the infinite wisdom of God. He responded, “Oh, heck yeah. Asking questions is a solid indication that you believe. There is no reason to ask a question if you don’t believe.” He also said you may have to wait awhile for the answer and trust in your faith along the way.

Here at Catholic Community Services our work is rooted in our core values of love, justice, truth and freedom. Just as you walk alongside CCS and support us in promoting the common good, we walk alongside the people we serve, supporting them to do everything they can for themselves. When they stumble or make a turn in an unhealthy direction, we strive to make their path clear and ease their burdens in alignment with these four core values.

During this Easter week, as we remember the strength of the spirit of Jesus, we are reminded of the strength and courage we witness in the people we serve. While Jesus had doubts, His strength in our Father overcame His doubts. During His time on the cross, He was not alone. The people we serve are not alone, as you and I are there to walk alongside them. I pray that you are strengthened by our common purpose of providing help and hope to our neighbors in need, and in knowing that even in our darkest hour, none of us walks alone.

Easter blessings to you and your loved ones.

(Josh Graves is CEO of Catholic Comunity Services.)