LETTER: The unselfishness of Keizer

To the Editor:

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank some special community individuals who stepped up when I asked for some help.

The year 2020 has been specially difficult for families and the homeless who lost jobs and found themselves just “out there.” Several local agencies like the Salvation Army, Keizer Chamber of Commerce, Keizer Police and the Keizer Fire District helped many kids and families but some fell through the cracks. 

One former student reached out telling me the Salvation Army had canceled her appointment for toys for her 3-year-old. Together, we helped five families with a total of 35 members and 20 women at a shelter with food and Christmas gifts. RJ Navarro and his volunteers helped an additional 65 families.

The following individuals answered my call to help: Jeanie G. White, Joy Baird, Karla Tibbits, Terri Fritz, Jessica Graham Gomez, Dawn Reichle Baylon, Linda Warner, Joanne Sandhu, Jennifer Luth, Megan Kay, Keizer Family Dental, Maggie Paolucci, Kim Reyes and Roland Herrera.

 I got a call from the director of the women’s shelter and I had tears in my eyes. The women have had a very difficult year and our presents to them brought tears to their eyes because someone cared enough to think of them. I don’t think they have gotten Christmas presents in a very long time.

My heart is full of gratitude for the generosity these individuals showed during this time of need.

Carrie Lee Brown