Diehl named volunteer of quarter

Dorothy Diehl

A longtime Keizer volunteer, and former employee of both the city and Keizer Police Department, was honored as Keizer’s Volunteer of the Quarter Monday, Nov. 16.

Dorothy Diehl started as a liaison to the Claggett Creek Watershed Committee until she resigned her position at the city. However, she joined the committee as a volunteer afterward.

During her time on the committee, Diehl has helped organize Earth Day events, Soggy Days in the Park and photo contests. She was nominated by another longtime city volunteer, Matt Lawyer.

“We’ve planted dozens and dozens of trees together and removed untold amounts of invasive species and trash from Ben Miller Park,” Lawyer told the members of the council.

In a nomination letter, Lawyer cited her family approach as making her stand out from the average volunteer.

“By including her family, she helped set a new standard for family engagement in volunteer projects,” Lawyer wrote.

When approached with the nomination by Lawyer, Diehl thought it was absurd given the time Lawyer himself puts in.

“That’s when he explained that bringing my kids out to volunteer with me inspired him to bring his kids out with him. After that, I tried to stop thinking it was absurd and treat it as an incredible honor,” Diehl said. “You can’t tell I’m smiling behind this mask, but I’m beaming.”