LETTER: Support for Dylan Juran

To the Editor: 

I am puzzled why four members of the current Keizer City Council endorsed candidate Ross Day to join them

In his more than 15 years practicing law in Oregon, Day has made a name for himself by representing the Oregon Family Council, which among other initiatives opposes gay marriage. 

In addition, Day was accused of sexual harassment in 2014 (which he admits to, and settled the resultant lawsuit for $140,000). He was also disciplined by the Oregon State Bar in 2019 and his license was suspended. (The suspension was waived, pending a one-year probation). These are not the qualities or character of someone we want to lead our city, particularly when we are currently voting on a charter amendment to make clear that we are a welcoming, safe, inclusive community. We need a city councilor we can rely on for leadership with integrity. Vote for Dylan Juran for position 2 on the city council.

Tom Tomczyk