LETTER: Support for Laura Reid

To the Editor:

Why should you vote for Laura Reid as city councilor? 

Over the many years that I have known her, Laura has demonstrated her impeccable integrity, her dedication to helping the citizens of Keizer, and her unfailing work ethic. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, but Laura manages to fit in seemingly more than that, possessing an endless propensity for stepping up to help, regardless of the size, length, or difficulty of the task at hand. If there is a committee in need of a thoughtful, reasoned, levelheaded member, Laura is the perfect puzzle piece. 

Articulate, patient, respectful, and thoughtful, she is invariably a pleasure to partner with, and always has the well-being of her beloved Keizer in mind. She is forward thinking, flexible and very familiar with the culture of our town, seeking to stay current in progress, but to respect and to preserve those things which make Keizer great.

You will not find a better candidate than Laura, to wholeheartedly represent the best interest of Keizer.

Carla A. Bell