LETTER: Vote for Kyle Juran

To the Editor:

Before you vote on this year’s Keizer City Council, I want you to sit and think about if you love the feeling of Keizer right now. 

The feeling of community, togetherness, opportunity, local business, and a small town feel so close to big towns. Do you want Keizer to continue to stay with the small town feel with growing small businesses and neighbors who are eager to help each other when needed?

I urge you to really look into the candidates that are running. Look who is always there for our community. The ones volunteering their time and resources far before they ever ran for city council. Having two family members on the ballot is not as cool as it sounds, then having to read other people’s comments on social media when I know those people know zero about either of them is infuriating. Educate yourselves on the candidates before you vote, please. I want Keizer to stay the Keizer I was born and raised in. Vote Kyle Juran for Keizer City Council.

Claire Juran