LETTER: Ross Day is an excellent choice

To the Editor: 

To me, it is clear that Ross Day is an excellent choice for Keizer City Council and he has my vote in the November election. Ross will be an asset to our city leadership and I trust him whole-heartedly. 

Ross Day is one of the most honest and respectful men I know, while also being one of the hardest workers around. He also understands the word “community” in the truest sense and will never turn his back on someone that needs a helping hand. Ross is incredibly sincere and when you spend time with him, he really hears what you say. I think that this is an important quality to have when running to be elected to a Keizer City Council position because city leadership should be advocates on behalf of the citizens in Keizer. 

Ross will listen to us and he will act in accordance to what is expressed to him and use his strong moral compass to guide himself. 

As an elected Keizer City Councilor I have no doubt that Ross Day will be able to balance all of the duties bestowed upon him.  Ross Day has managed in balancing many roles from father, husband, attorney, local business owner in Keizer and knows how great the city is—and plans to keep it that way.

Bill Fuhlrodt