City council agenda October 8


Keizer City Council Regular Session

Monday, October 5, 2020, 7 p.m., Robert L. Simon Council Chambers 

930 Chemawa Road NE, Keizer, Oregon 97303

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call 

3. Flag Salute

4. Special Orders of Business

5. Committee Reports

6. Public Testimony

This time is provided for citizens to address the Council on any matters other than those on the agenda scheduled for public hearing. 

7. Public Hearings

a. El Vaquero Santa Maria BBQ Liquor License Change Of Ownership 

8. Administrative Action

a. ORDINANCE – Creating A Planning Commission; Providing For Its Composition And Organization; Providing Its Powers And Duties; Repeal Of Ordinances 83-006, 2013-674, And 2017-783 

9. Consent Calendar

a. RESOLUTION – Authorizing the City Manager to Enter Into Contract for Manzanita Street Storm Drain Repair with Michels Corporation

b. RESOLUTION – Authorizing City Manager To Enter Into Contract For Lauderback Street Storm Drain Repair With Michels Corporation

c. RESOLUTION – Authorizing The Finance Director To Enter Into Purchase Agreement For Albert Monitoring Services With Center For Internet Security, Inc (CIS)

d. RESOLUTION – Authorizing The Finance Director To Enter Into Enzoic Proposal for Enzioc For Active Directory Software Services e. Approval Of September 21, 2020 City Council Regular Session Minutes

10. Council Liaison Reports

11. Other Business

This time is provided to allow the Mayor, City Council members, or staff an opportunity to bring new or old matters before the Council that are not on tonight’s agenda. 

12. Written Communications

To inform the Council of significant written communications

13. Agenda Input

October 12, 2020- 6:00 p.m. – City Council Work Session

October 19, 2020 7:00 p.m. – City Council Regular Session

October 26, 2020 6:00 p.m. – City Council Work Session

City Council Goal – Community Makeup – Demographics and Diversity

14. Adjournment

The City of Keizer is committed to providing equal access to all public meetings and information per the requirements of the ADA and Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). The Keizer Civic Center is wheelchair accessible. If you require any service that furthers inclusivity to participate, please contact the Office of the City Recorder at least 48 business hours prior to the meeting by email at [email protected] or phone at (503)390-3700 or (503)856-3412. Most regular City Council meetings are streamed live through the City’s website and cable-cast on Comcast Channel 23 within the Keizer City limits. Thank you for your interest in the City of Keizer.