LETTER: RJ Navarro for House

To the Editor:

I am supporting Ramiro Navarro (RJ) for Oregon House District 25. RJ is an army veteran who served in Iraq, and has a deep and abiding interest in serving throughout our community. Based upon difficulties RJ overcame, he started the Oregon Veterans Youth Challenge and continues to volunteer there. RJ also volunteers with Paralyzed Veterans for America, Disabled Veterans, Toys for Tots, and Salem Drop, which provides critical support for youth who are homeless or struggling. Recently RJ worked with news sources in Keizer to translate emergency fire information into Spanish, to reach the many Spanish-speakers in Marion County.  He does all of this while being an involved husband and father of five children in Keizer schools.  RJ does not shy away from hard decisions; he will not run from the democratic process when things aren’t going his way, unlike his opponent. RJ has made difficult decisions in his life, and we can count on him to continue to do so and represent all of the residents of HD 25.  Please join me in electing Ramiro Navarro to House District 25. 

Kathy Lincoln