LETTER: Ross Day has my support

To the Editor:

I have known Ross Day personally for 20 years now. My friendship with Ross started when I nannied for his eldest son and through the years our relationship has grown, and our family is very close to the Day’s. 

Ross is a great person with strong morals and values. I know Ross to be respectful to all, eager to help, and an amazing listener. He is always ready to help when needed and is highly reliable. I have seen countless times over the years that Ross will happily help anyone in need and will commit to seeing it through to the end. Ross Day does not quit until a job is finishes and it’s a quality of his I admire. 

Now Ross has committed to making things better in our community and I know that he is the man for the job. Ross has been a long-standing resident in this community and he has a great sense of the kind of local government that we need here in Keizer. He understands that as citizens here we have a lot to offer as well and Ross will work in tandem with local residents to truly accomplish what’s best for Keizer. 

I believe we need someone like Ross Day on the Keizer City Council because he is an honest man that will do what’s best for us here in Keizer. 

Jamie Vandecoevering