Roland-Schwartz for city council

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Michele Roland-Schwartz for Keizer City Council Position #3. 

Michele is thoughtful and will consider issues with respect to how they affect all people in Keizer. Her experience working with organizations that directly support people who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault has prepared her to be empathetic to people in need, to understand how to help people learn unique skills and to understand the role of the laws needed to support the community. 

Michele’s priorities include housing and homelessness, issues that have become even more important under the current situation with people losing their jobs a-nd the cost of housing increasing. The current state of the local economy, especially as it affects small businesses and non-profits, is very important as is public health and safety. 

She is very personable and listens with compassion and empathy.

Please join me in voting for Michele Roland-Schwartz for Keizer City Council.

Betty Hart