City lays out reopening plans

Civic Center

The City of Keizer is preparing for a four-phase reopening to coincide with broader plans to reopen the state’s offices and private businesses.

“This plan will be phased in over the next weeks/months with parts happening very soon and others tied to the Governor’s executive orders and the State’s reopening efforts,” wrote City Manager Chris Eppley in an email announcing the coming changes.

Beginning May 15, the Keizer Civic Center will reopen to walk-in traffic with the following protocols in place:

• Sneeze and cough guards will be installed at each customer service station.

• Automatic hand sanitizers will be set up in the main lobby, police department lobby and city hall offices with signage directing visitors to sanitize their hands before entering the space.

• Investigating the possibilities for redirecting air flow away from customer counters.

• Markings on the floors of the civic center indicating appropriate spacing.

• Providing take-away masks for customers to wear prior to entering customer service areas.

The civic center may also reopen to small groups that fit within the governor’s guidelines for gatherings. Employees with customer service duties will be returning to work from telecommuting, and municipal court proceedings will restart with social distancing measures in place.

The second phase of the plan begins May 25 and calls for:

• Public works fields staff being returned to normal shift and hours, wearing masks when sharing service vehicles and other situations that force employees to be in close proximity to each other.

• Maintaining social distancing as much as practicable.

In Phase 3, telecommuting employees will return to positions where it will be more effective for them to be at their regular stations. Some employees may shift to permanent or semipermanent hybrid shifts that mean telecommuting on some days and appearing in person on others. There is no set date for this phase to begin as it will need to coincide with the governor’s easing of work-from-home directives.

Phase 4, which has no set date attached, will see the return of in-person city council meetings and other task force and committee meetings. Social distancing measures will remain in place for members of the groups and audience members with continued opportunities for electronic participation by members of the public.

“Through all of these phases, we will provide appropriate hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks for those employees who desire to use them,” Eppley wrote.

Usage of the civic center by large groups as well as usage of sports courts, playgrounds and the skate park will remain tied to the governor’s orders.