Salem Health purchases WVP

Salem Health recently purchased WVP Medical Group. 

The purchases brings six additional primary care clinics to Salem Health Medical Group’s care: WVP Boulder Creek, WVP Flaming Medical Center, WVP Keizer Clinic, WVP Independence-Monmouth Family Medicine, WVP The Doctor’s Clinic and Dallas Family Medicine. 

“Salem Health and WVP Medical Group share many of the same patients and most importantly, a passion for a vibrant, healthy community,” said Dean Andretta, chief financial officer of WVP Health Authority. “This is an excellent opportunity for two strong entities to improve health care for our community.”  

Salem Health and WVP Medical Group have many details to work through in the coming months. The primary focus at this time is to ensure a smooth transition for patients, providers and staff. 

“The partnership between Salem Health and WVP Medical Group has flourished in recent years,” said Cheryl Wolfe, president and CEO of Salem Health. “Formally joining hands reflects a mutual interest to deepen that coordination for the good of the community.”