Our family’s 12 days of Christmas

In response to Andrew Jackson’s December 20 column, A wish list for Keizer, we folks here in the Kennedy household have come up with our wish list for Keizer as well. 

VA benefits office: A place where retired and honorably discharged military veterans can process paperwork and have advocates working for them, without having to drive to Portland. This facility does not have to be a large facility. 

Sweet Tomatoes restaurant: Soup, salad and fresh baked goods.

Bath and Body Works store (in Keizer Station, perhaps!)

Movie theatre

Momiji’s: We are just outside of the delivery zone and I am not trying to offend anyone, but the sushi in Keizer is not up to par.

Sam’s Club: Yes Costco’s deals and products are great, however, location, location, location. Did you know Virginia and Oregon are the only states that do not have a Sam’s Club? I advocate for a warehouse store that has a better location, same great deals, but a fraction of the crowds.

Roller skating rink: Not everyone wants to go to The Hoop.That one is brought to you by our 14 year-old daughter. 

Outdoor public swimming pool 

Wings restaurant: That does not promote boobs and skimpy clothes on the women servers. Family friendly! 

Wendy’s fast food restaurant

Updated bowling alley: 1964 called and wants all their stuff back! Seriously—when the ceiling tiles are being replaced by turkey roasting pans to catch the dripping water, it’s time to upgrade. 

Last but certainly not least… An aquarium! Am I reaching for the stars on this one? Yes. But really? Why do we have to drive to the coast to see all the beautiful wonders of the ocean when the ocean can be brought to us? Families and people of all ages would be able to have a fun activity to participate in during all the seasons, and without having to make a drive outside of Keizer. There’s plenty of untouched land in the area to make this dream a reality. 

We hope you like our ideas. It is refreshing to know our family is not alone in wanting more convenient and fun facilities within our Keizer community. 

(Christiana Kennedy is a Keizer mom, hard worker, and volunteer.)