Inside the response to an alleged threat at MHS.

8:23 a.m. — A report of a person running around McNary High School’s parking lot with two weapons, is sent to 9-1-1 via text message. Two Keizer police officers head toward campus. 

8:24 — Three additional police vehicles head toward campus. Police request 9-1-1 dispatchers contact the school and advise them of the situation. 

8:25 — 9-1-1 dispatchers perform a scan of the phone number the text arrived from and learn it hasn’t been used to contact the police before. Three officers arrive at the campus. The school has been contacted. Additional information from the person who sent the text comes in: it appeared to be a high school student wearing a backpack, but the witness could not discern the race of the suspect. 

8:26 — Multiple additional officers arrive on the scene. Officers station themselves at multiple access points to the campus (Lockhaven, Chemawa, Sandy, and the construction staging area near St. Edward Catholic Church.) An additional officer arrives on a bike and begins roaming the campus. Officers begin closing off the driveways to the campus off Chemawa Road and Lockhaven. An officer requests dispatchers try to call the number the text was sent from. The student is identified. Another officer arrives at the Robindale access point to campus. 

8:27 — Officers talk to two construction workers who say they have not seen anything. An officer inside the school is trying to locate the classroom of the student who contacted 9-1-1. Officers prepare to enter the school and conduct a search. 

8:29 — The parking lot is deemed clear of threats. Additional officers are requested at the front of the school to begin a search. The school has been placed on a level 2 lockdown. 

8:32 — Officers are conducting visual searches of areas like the football stadium and around portable classrooms. Other officers are working in pairs searching the hallways inside the school. Officers are still trying to locate the 9-1-1 caller inside the school. 

8:35 — Contact is made with the student who notifies officers where he is in the building. Officers are conducting closer searches around the portable classrooms.

8:39 — Officers want to search the upper levels of the gym and school security moves to help them enter. Students found in bathrooms are taken by officers to classrooms and locked in. 

8:40 — Officers locate the 9-1-1 caller in his classroom and begin interviewing him. Officers believe witness account and say, “it doesn’t sound like he’s making this up.” 

8:41 — Officers begin expanding the search to areas outside McNary’s campus. An more detailed description of the suspect goes out over the police band: the suspect is a probable teenager of unknown race wearing dark clothing with a dark blue backpack and a hood pulled up over his head. The weapons he was carrying are thought to have been a baseball bat and a small rifle. 

8:43 — Officers call Keizer Elementary School and request a level 1 lockdown as the search widens. An officer stations at the elementary school.

8:48 — More details on the suspect come in: a younger male adult of average build. Keizer Elementary moves from a level 1 lockdown to a secure alert so that students can be allowed in the building. School had not yet begun for the day and cars and kids were lining up outside the building. Officers begin discussing moving McNary from a level 1 lockdown to a secure alert to allow students to enter the building. They are confident the suspect had not entered the building at this point. 

8:53 — Two officers are sent to Cummings Elementary to monitor the school as students arrive. Cummings is also put on a level 1 lockdown. 

9:02 — An officer discovers a black hoodie in the stands at the football field, but he is not certain it’s connected to the incident. 

9:08 — A modified level 1 lockdown takes effect at McNary allowing students already on to enter the building, but no one can leave. Students are escorted from buses to the school. McNary administrators are working on a plan to allow students to move around while officers remain on campus. 

9:12 — McNary moves to secure alert status and all traffic coming into the school is permitted. 

9:14 — An officer requests that the student reporting the incident be brought out to the parking lot to look at a vehicle in which a blue backpack and baseball bat were spotted. 

9:15 — Someone from the FBI calls to inquire whether their assistance is needed. It’s declined. 

9:16 — Regular activities have resumed and officers are beginning to disperse outward. 

9:18 — A 9-1-1 caller on Chehalis Drive North reports that a boat in their backyard is moving back and forth and dogs in the yard are “going crazy.” Chehalis is two blocks west of McNary’s campus. Three officers head toward the address. 

9:30 — Officers find no signs of anyone in the backyard of the Chehalis address. Calls regarding the suspicious person at McNary cease shortly thereafter.