City Council approves two IGAs

One of the first orders of business for Keizer City Councilors at their meeting on Monday, August 19, was to approve the request for a Keizer Community Center rental fee waiver by The Keizer Chamber Foundation, which has scheduled their annual Volunteer Board Training for Thursday, October 10.

The rental fee for use of the room for this event would be $450 with a refundable security/cleaning deposit of $750. The rental fee is based on six hours of use and includes a 25 percent discount for Keizer citizens or any Keizer based 501(c) organization.

This request was brought before the board on June 17, which prompted mayor Cathy Clark to direct councilor Roland Herrera to check with the chair of Keizer United to see if funding this event could be through a partnership of the two entities. 

Herrera made the motion that the council consider waving the room rental fee and security/cleaning deposit, but charge $120 for the staffing costs. The motion was passed unanimously. 

After passing a resolution for the authorization for the supplemental budget, the council backed a letter from Mayor Clark not supporting the no-build alternative for the Salem River Crossing Project. 

“The need for more and reliable river crossings has been evident for decades. The data continues to show us on a daily basis that the “no build” alternative does not reflect the current or future needs of our region. We want to be very clear that the “no build” alternative is an outcome not supported by the Keizer City Council,” Clark said in the letter.

The longest discussion of the evening was in regards to authorizing the city manager, Chris Eppley, to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with Keizer Fire District (KFD) for the collection of fire and life safety inspection fees. 

The fee is for six percent of a subdivision/partition application fee and six percent of a base fee for non-residential building permits. 

“The real point here isn’t whether you like the fee or not, because (KFD), as a separate governmental entity, has the right to enact their own fees and they have done so. The fee is going to be charged, it really came down to a matter of what was easiest for our customers,” Eppley said. 

The resolution was eventually amended along with a similar resolution for Eppley to enter an intergovernmental agreement with Marion County for the coordination of permit issuance and inspections regulated by the state of Oregon building codes. 

The Council also unanimously amended a pair of land-use ordinances regarding urban transition (section 2.118) and the Activity Center Overly zone (section 2.125).