S. Keizer tennis court gets new surface next month

The Keizer City Council awarded a contract to replace tennis courts at Willamette Manor Park at its meeting Monday, Aug. 5. 

The court replacement was a sought-after improvement by neighbors once the city secured additional park funding through a fee added to utility bills. 

The contract was awarded to Salem Concrete Paving in the amount of $76,990. The project is expected to be completed no later than Sept 20. 

A new concrete slab will be poured over the existing asphalt with a plastic vapor barrier placed over that. In addition, an ADA access ramp will be installed on the west side of the court and connect to new pathways recently installed in the park. 

The tennis courts have long been a source of frustration for Keizer Parks Supervisor Robert Johnson. A few years age, after cracks in the surface became an impediment to use, Johnson searched for a fix. The court was in such poor condition, that only one contractor would agree to work on it without a full-scale replacement. 

With a strapped budget, Johnson ordered the repair knowing it was only a temporary fix at best. The new surface is expected to last for the foreseeable future.