Trump pummels Dems in Keizer campaign giving

President Donald Trump is receiving the lion’s share of presidential campaign giving among Keizer residents. 

Trump has received $2,926.24 from Keizerites since the beginning of the year. That total derives from 37 contributions, small and large, made by 12 donors. 

Earlier this week, ProPublica shared quarterly reports from every state on campaign giving since the beginning of the year. Keizertimes culled the contributions from Keizer residents for this story. 

Trump’s biggest financial supporter in Keizer made six contributions totaling $600 since January. The largest single donation, $375, from a Keizer resident also went to Trump. 

For the Democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders was the top fundraiser with $555 from 15 contributions. Pete Buttigieg was runner up with $400 spread over four contributions from a single donor. Sen. Elizabeth Warren raked in $346 from 16 contributions, Sen. Kamala Harris took in $257.84 from a single donor and Amy Klobuchar raised $190 from eight contributions. 

Democratic contributions totaled $1,744.84 overall. Harris took in the largest single donation, $250, from a democratic contributor, but one Democrat spread $400 over the campaigns of three candidates – Warren, Buttigieg and Sanders. 

The trend in giving to Trump is a marked shift since the 2016 election cycle. During that timeframe donors in the 97303 area code chipped in $183,162 for Hillary Clinton, $103,162 for Sanders and Trump was third with $81,322 according to