Keizer fire board talks finances, updates policies

Revised policies and general business were the main topics of discussion at the Keizer Fire District board meeting on Tuesday, May 21 — which miraculously took under 20 minutes.

“We’re going to get out of here quick,” joked director Chet Patterson midway through the session.

Directors Joe Van Meter and Ron Christopher were unable to attend the meeting, although Van Meter was able to participate in discussion over the phone.

Director Betty Hart reported that KFD is about 80 percent through the financial year and that the district received $139,207 for the month of April — which is slightly above the average.

Hart also stated that the district had received multiple property tax payments in the month of April as well, which totaled $17,600, and that KFD has received more that 99 percent of payments for what they budgeted for the year.

All financial reports were approved unanimously.

The two policies that are up for revision were Policy 4.05, which deals with the Administration Organizational chart, and Policy 4.09, which details the use of district staff vehicles. 

Policy 4.05, which was last updated in 2010, included revisions in the event of the fire chief being absent. 

If the fire chief is absent, then the on-duty division chief will assume responsibilities for the fire district. Previously, this was given to a “designee.” The board of directors will also designate a division chief to act in capacity of the fire chief if the chief is absent. 

Additionally, this policy included an update to the addendum.

After two readings, this policy was approved unanimously — first reading took place at the April meeting.

Policy 4.09, on the other hand, was last updated in 2007. This meeting held the first reading of the policy and, if approved, will include the following revisions:

The policy is numbered 4.09, which puts it in the administration section of the policy manual. However, it also identifies the policy as being in the equipment/apparatus section of the policy manual. In order to correct this oversight, the policy is being renumbered 8.03.

Addition of the word “staff” was in reference to vehicles.

Removal of Section 4, which made references to the duty chief vehicle, as this vehicle is now assigned to the on-duty division chief and not used by off-duty personnel to respond from home.

Update of the use of the fire prevention vehicle. The vehicle use is being updated to leave the option for a stand-by fire prevention employee to use the vehicle if needed. 

Addition of vaping to the section that prohibits smoking in district vehicles. 

The second reading of this policy will take place at the June meeting. 

In other news, Chief Jeff Cowan reported that KeizerFEST went smoothly for everyone that was on duty.

“Things went really smoothly with our staff,” Cowan said. “We had less impact on us this year, so I am delighted about that. There have been some years where there were a lot of things we were juggling in the air.”