School budget commitee plans way forward

The next budget committee of Salem-Keizer Public Schools met for the first time Tuesday, Feb. 26, following the School Board meeting.

The committee always consists of the seven board members and seven people from the general public. New to the board are Adriana Miranda and Kathleen Harder. Harder was absent but listened in by telephone.

Other members from the public are Adam Kohler, Tyson Pruett, Rachel Dewey Thorsett, Virginia Stapleton and Levi Herrera-Lopez. Kohler was also absent.

Michael Wolfe, chief operating officer of the district, noted that the board will elect its chair and vice chair April 23. He introduced Sarah Head, director of budget and finances, who told the committee that the budget for the next school year must be adopted by June 30 unless the Oregon Legislature grants an extension.

Three other district officials — Linda Myers, Craig Sproles and Cynthia Richardson — spoke to the committee about equity in budgeting. Richardson defined equity as inclusion of multiple groups with the aim of meeting all groups’ needs equally.