Pauline Elizabeth Hanson

Arrested Jan. 25 for: Drug possession

Previous convictions:Theft, identity theftEffrem Demonds Davis

Arrested Jan. 25 for: Parole violation

Previous convictions:Assault, DUII, theftAcea Lee Clark Anderson

Arrested Jan. 25 for: Drug possession

Previous convictions:Drug possession, coercion, strangulation Rody Langimeo

Arrested Jan. 24 for: Major traffic violation

Previous convictions:Trespass, giving false info to a police officerAbraham Romero-Angeles

Arrested Jan. 23 for: Theft

Previous convictions:Strangulation, theftJoshua Jabryce Thompson

Arrested Jan. 22 for: Aggravated harrassment

Previous convictions: Theft, menacingEduardo Ray Munoz

Arrested Jan. 22 for: Fugitive from justice

Pending charges: Charged with obscene communication in VirginiaRudy Contreras

Arrested Jan. 20 for: Unlawful possession of a firearm

Previous convictions: Assault, unlawful use of a vehicle