Darryl Dean Gibson

Arrested Dec. 25 for: Interfering with a police officer

Victoria Kuzmenko

Arrested Dec. 20 for: Assault

Previous convictions: None

Marcel Jose Ojeda

Arrested Dec. 18 for: Disorderly conduct

Pending charges: Mail theft, interfering with a police officer

Manuel Campos

Arrested Dec. 21 for: Assault, DUII, reckless endangering

Pending charges: Assault, criminal mischief

Brent Nasset

Arrested Dec. 20 for: Disorderly conduct

Previous convictions: DUII, theft

Dylan Alexander Jeffus

Arrested Dec. 22 for: Reckless endangering

Pending charges: Theft, resisting arrest, burglary

Timothy Lane Blankenship

Arrested Dec. 17 for: Hit-and-run

Previous convictions: More than a decade old

Donald Bradley Biehn

Arrested Dec. 18 for: Assault

Pending charges: Criminal mistreatment, assault

Steven Wayne DeVault

Arrested Dec. 28 for: Theft

Previous convictions: Burglary, theft, assault

William James Gentry

Arrested Dec. 28 for: Parole violation

Previous convictions: Menacing, assault, strangulation

Kira Bovee

Arrested Dec. 26 for: Criminal mischief

Other pending charges: Assault, theft