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Rotarians hosted by McNary Culinary class

The McNary High School Culinary Arts Department hosted the Rotary Club of Keizer for its weekly meeting on Thursday, April 11. For the national competition, held April 26 – 28 in Baltimore Md., the McNary and Salem CTEC teams will be competing against the best teams across all 50 states[Read More…]

Flag football begins at McNary

The flag football era began at McNary High School with a Jamboree on Saturday, April 6.

Eleven girls and one boy geared up for their games, coached by Tracy Rhoades.

Disney+ revives a classic Marvel cartoon in X-Men ’97 

Kids WB was always my jam but if I had ever deviated from my strict schedule and flipped over to Fox Kids I would have no doubt fallen in love with X-Men, the massively popular animated adaptation of Marvel’s classic band of merry mutants. 

The show was such a hit that Disney decided to continue it 27 years later with X-Men ‘97, an enjoyable cheese-fest with cool action, beautiful animation and an intergenerational appeal.

 State Fire Marshal gives MC Fire District #1 new pumper

Marion County Fire District #1 took receipt of a Type 3 fire engine from the Oregon State Fire Marshal last week.

The engine, part of the State Fire Marshal’s Response Ready Oregon Initiative it is one of 76 fire apparatus the Marshal will deliver this year. The equipment deliveries are made possible by a $25 million grant, part of Oregon’s wildfire omnibus bill in 2021.