Author: Lyndon Zaitz

Community outreach

There are times when a city wants to impart information to residents—a new service fee, an announcement of a community event or a solicitation for responses to a survey. 

ON MY MIND: Carefully taught

The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has ignited hate violence here in the United States. Incidents of anti-Semiticism have skyrocketed and some Palestinians and Muslims have also been targeted for violence by people with hatred in their hearts. 

EDITORIAL: Oil, spices and powdered milk

There are items that are rarely asked for yet would make a visit to a food bank a whole new experience. Aside from the usual items we think that complimentary goods are as valuable, goods such as cooking oil, spices and powdered milk.

EDITORIAL: Empathy squad

When behavioral health, drug use, homelessness and budgetary constraints meet, the impact is unsettling. The public wants a solution to what some perceive as a threat to the quality of life Keizer has worked to develop over decades.

Michael Katz is his own kind of angel

Michael Katz relaxed in a recliner in the living room of his north Keizer home while Angels wrapped gifts. The Angels are the Music Box kind, a Keizer-based non-profit that gives away hundreds of music boxes to brighten lives of those who are facing personal struggles.