Author: Lyndon Zaitz

Proposed leave bill too onerous

To the victor go the spoils, but sometimes the victors grab too much. The proposed paid family and medical leave bills is a dagger to the heart of business. House Bill 3140 mandates employers pay up to 32 weeks of family and medical leave each year; employees would be eligible after only[Read More…]

How does one make billions of dollars?

A neighbor asked me the other day how he could become independently wealthy. Heck, if I knew that I would become independently weathly myself. Independently wealthy means one earns it on their own from the very first dollar. An old phrase said that if you built a better mousetrap, the world[Read More…]

Preserve the Keizer Way

Whether anyone likes it or not, Keizer is growing. Our city’s growth is expected to continue on an upward path for the forseeable future. That’s what happens when you are successful. Through both planning and happenstance Keizer is one of the most desirable addresses one can have in the mid-Willamette[Read More…]

UGB: What do the farmers say?

The desire to expand Keizer’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) has captured the imagination of civic leaders and developers alike. Setting aside questions of the cost of infrastructure needed to turn land north of Keizer into residential neighborhoods or industrial/office parks, who is speaking for Marion County’s rich agricultural land?  Some of[Read More…]

Tap brakes on legislative agenda

History has taught that one party rule rarely works out well for the governed. Books are filled with stories about societies that have suffered under rule by one party or ideology. However, that flies in the face of the adage, “To the victor go the spoils.” The Democrats control Oregon’s governorship[Read More…]

Choose River Road options wisely

Lyndon A. Zaitz The options a consulting firm presented at a recent open house for a revitalized River Road will not please everyone, especially commuters. One of the options unveiled at the Feb. 12 open house at Keier Civic Center called for removing the center turn lane and installing bike[Read More…]