Author: Lyndon Zaitz

Limiting voting is un-American

Every American citizen should be worried anytime there is a movement to add restrictions to voting procedures in the nation. Currently numerous state legislatures across the country have seen bills introduced to make voting difficult. This is about as un-American as you can get. Some may dismiss the proposed restrictions[Read More…]

Keizer’s celebrated volunteers

The recepients of the 2020 Chamber of Commerce First Citizen and other awards is a demonstration that Keizer is home to generous, unselfish personalities. Each year the Chamber bestows honors on those in the community who have shown a bottomless well of good works and caring for their city. This[Read More…]

Keizer man churns out desks for distance learning

Dymond Sullivan with a desk for distance learning provided by Fernando Lopez and the Keizer Community Foundation. When COVID-19 closed schools in 2020 students switched to distance learning. Last fall, the Keizer Community Foundation saw the need to help make at-home instruction easier, especially for those students who had no[Read More…]

Fire chief marks 40 years

Keizer Fire Chief Jeff Cowan. Keizer Fire District Chief Jeff Cowan marked his 40th year in the public safety field this week.  The Oregon-native began his career as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) on March 17, 1981 in Oregon City with Willamette Falls Ambulance. He eventually achieved his Oregon Paramedic Certification[Read More…]

Remembering the past as a new era begins

The press room at the Keizer News as it looked in the 1960s. The forerunner to the Keizertimes was the Keizer News, founded in 1948. For 22 years the weekly community newspaper reported on the news and the people of the unincorporated community of Keizer. Like all newspapers of its[Read More…]

Scholarship program won’t slow for COVID

2021 Keizer Distinguished Young Woman co-title holders (from left) Leilani Morris, Esther Hudkins and Nicole Russell. Esther Hudkins, Leilani Morris and Nicole Russell did not let the COVID pandemic mess up their plans to vie for the title of Keizer’s 2021 Distinguished Young Woman. The scholarship program was held as[Read More…]

A shot at city hall

City Manager Chris Eppley discharged a firearm in his office at Keizer City Hall on Thursday, March 4. The city council has contracted with retired Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris to conduct an investigation. The public should be very concerned about this incident. It brings up many questions that need[Read More…]

That’s something to consider

How wonderful it would be to hear someone say, “That’s something to consider” during discussions of today’s divisive topics. Unfortunately those words are hardly—if ever—heard. Everyone has their opinion whether it is about face masks, vaccines, taxes or school resource officers. Anyone paying attention to media of any kind would[Read More…]

Preparing for the unthinkable

Icy roads are a nuisance. Losing electricity for a few hours is an annoyance. Losing electricty and communication for days on end is tragic and dangerous, as we have seen in the past weeks. The spirit and generosity of Keizerites was evident everywhere you turned after the city was hit[Read More…]