Author: Gene H. McIntyre

Problems with adding parts of Oregon to Idaho

Jim Parr’s Will Oregon shrink? (Keizertimes, May 1)) inspired reactions from provocations to thoughtful considerations. Meanwhile, for the last two legislative sessions, state House Republicans have walked out of the Capitol due to deadlocking disagreements with the Democrats, resulting in disabling divisiveness due to hidebound ideological differences taking center stage where[Read More…]

Thank you to parents and grandparents

If I could contact my deceased relatives, specifically my parents and grandparents, I would write them a letter to thank them for holding steady to the task and remaining undeterred during hardship conditions in the U.S. by the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II. During those trying times, I’m[Read More…]

LETTER: Returning snowbirds and COVID-19

The thousands of Oregonians who’ve responded to Governor Kate Brown’s order to stay-at-home can be duly proud of themselves as it appears this effort by a majority of us to control the COVID-19 outbreak has come to a victory of sorts of humankind over a death-dealing virus. However, it may be[Read More…]

Mankind is up to task to defeat COVID-19

We humans have been roaming the Earth for about 200,000 years. Some ancient civilizations, such as the Incas, the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians and the empires of China, made great strides in a multitude of human endeavors, even having performed brain surgery. It is not known whether any of them knew about[Read More…]

Proposed budget cuts will hurt economy

Monday, Feb. 24, the Dow began the week down 800 points. Meanwhile, the S&P slid 2.7 percent and the Nasdaq sank 3.2 percent. The low for the day was down 997 points. This is fearsome stuff that we haven’t seen for a while. What’s going on?   Coronavirus is already making itself financially felt throughout[Read More…]

Radioactive waste in Oregon

Radon gas has become a concern since its presence in quantity was first detected and that’s because it can—and often does—result in cancers, sometimes fatal.   Radon’s origin is the decay of radioactive elements found in soil and rock. Radon gas presents itself in human areas through the air we breathe as[Read More…]

The science of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a main component in greenhouse gas, which traps heat and warms our planet.  Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas that appears as water when in a liquid form. Exposure in high concentrations has been found to cause dizziness and restlessness, tingling or a pins-and-needles feeling while it can[Read More…]

The little-known origins of Valentine’s Day

Why is February 14 celebrated as the day of love? The answer is not that buying cards needed a boost. And there’s actually more to the origin of Valentine’s Day than just candy, red roses and another reason to invite one’s favorite companion to dinner outside the home.  Though my younger years[Read More…]

What Canada can teach us about health care

Polls have determined that Medicare For All is newly-popular among Americans in the 18 to 36 age range. Those of more youthful years may want to find out that what they wish for in deliverance is what they get.   What’s interesting about that age range is that those years of life[Read More…]

The danger in fewer regulations

The understanding part eludes me; I simply do not get itj. We, the American people, have now experienced three years of consequential efforts to rollback environmental oversight in all construction projects that will now, directly, and into the immediate future impact our health, safety and survival. The new year is merely[Read More…]