Author: Quinn Stoddard

More money out than money in

With a bench full of members from the Keizer City Council and city staff, the Long Range Budget Task Force met on Feb. 12, in the Keizer Council Chambers to discuss how the city will manage its budget in the upcoming year(s) and what to expect. 

What to do if you or a loved one becomes homeless

In Oregon, homelessness is a uniquely ubiquitous issue. Since 2020, the amount of unsheltered in Oregon has increased by 22%, one of the highest increases in the nation, often due to a combination of underfunded and understaffed housing programs combined with high rental costs leading to people living unhoused for longer.

Take the plunge 

With more than 600 people in attendance, the Special Olympics Oregon organization held its annual free polar plunge this past weekend, Saturday Jan. 28, at the Illahe Hills Country Club.