Sun shines on Mavericks League 

The Campesinos’ Jesse Valenzuela celebrating his homerun with Eligha Lewis.
Noah Woodall pitches for the Volcanoes.
Kayuden Shelton, pitcher for the Campesinos.

Summer is baseball season and the four teams of the Maverick League is keeping the great American pastime alive and lively.

In its seventh week of the 2024 season only two of the teams have winning records: the Senators stand at 14-4 while the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes stand at 9-8. With many weeks still to play, each of the League’s teams have the opportunity to add more wins.

In June 13 play the Campesinos de Salem Keizer defeated the Volcanoes by a score of 10-6.

Baseball fans will be treated to a double header and fireworks on Saturday, June 22. At 1 p.m. the Volcanoes will face the Portland Mavericks (8-9); then, the Campesinos play against the Senators at 8 p.m. The night finishes with a fireworks display.

Outstanding players so far this season are Rey Gonzalez of the Mavericks with a hitting average of .458.

Three players have each score four homerooms: the Campesinos’ Eligha Lewis, the Senators’ Ramon Enriques and the Maverick’s Lenyn Napoleon.

The league leader in RBIs is Brock Johnson of the Senators with 28. His colleague, Roy Verdejo leads in hits with 28.

The winningest pitches so far this season with three each are Noah Woodall and Jessy Fuerte for the Volcanoes and Andres Alonso and Justin Nathasingh with the Senators.

The Mavericks League has a variety of special promotions coming in the next weeks. 

Friday, June 28, is Legend Night honoring Oregon State University’s Pat Casey, the head baseball coach from 1995 to 2018. He led the Beavers to the national championship in 2006.

McDonald’s is sponsoring Kids Day on Saturday, June 29.

On Thursday, July 4, the League will present the Jerry Howard Patriotic Tribute. Howard has been honored for his leadership in paying tribute to American military veterans. The evening will end with a fireworks display.

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