Community agencies invited to apply for Ukraine refugee funds

The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) is inviting community agencies in the area to apply for a portion of $2.25 million in funding to provide for those who entered the US from Ukraine as a refugee. 

ODHS will be hosting an informational session for organizations who are interested in applying for this funding on Nov. 17 with the deadline to apply on Nov. 24, 2024. 

The informational session is intended to provide a clear description about the funding and give attendees a chance to ask questions about the program before they apply for funding. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 20,000 Oregonians reported having Ukrainian ancestry and over 25,000 Oregon residents reported speaking some type of Slavic language at home making Oregon the state with the third highest percentage of those who speak Ukrainian at home in the nation.

Since the invasion started in February 2022, the ODHA estimates that at least 4,500 individuals from Ukraine have resettled throughout Oregon.

The program was designed to ask for applications from culturally or linguistically responsive organizations to offer help to immigrants or refugees. Available funding support includes: 

• $1 million for housing assistance services

• $500,000 for employment services assistance

• $300,000 for health and mental health promotion services

• $300,000 for legal services

• $75,000 for senior services 

Organizations interested can apply for funding to support more than one service area as well. 

The application for funding can be found at and those with questions or wanting to join the information session on Nov. 17 can email [email protected] or calling 503-945-5600.