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Planning Commission

June 14

Matt Lawyer, Jeremy Grenz, Sarah Hutches, Ron Bersin, Jane Herb, Mo Avershim, Francisco Saldivar, Kyle Juran, Shane Witham, Dina Horner,  Debbie Lockhart  and Shannon Johnson.

David Dempster, Traffic Safety Bikeways Committee, brought up concerns the committee has heard regarding speeding and safety in certain areas, and the anticipated increase in bike traffic. 

Shane Witham opened the public hearing portion bringing up the land use fee increase that was discussed at last month’s meeting because of a 1% difference in the increased amount due to an accounting error. Witham proposed an adjusted rate chart with a 20.5% rate increase instead of the 21.5% that was voted on last month. 

The vote to make the recommendation to the City Council on the fees was unanimously in favor.

Next meeting: Aug. 9

Parks Board

June 13

Lisa Cejka, Mike Pantalone, David Louden, Robert Johnson, Matt Lawyer, Dan Kohler, Debbie Lockhart 

Carolyn Homen, West Keizer Neighborhood Association, updated the board on the completed planting at Willamette Manor. 

Peggy Moore, project leader for the Peggy and Jerry Moore Community Garden, made a grant fund request to the board for $200.

The vote for the grant passed unanimously. 

Next meeting: July 11

Traffic Safety-Bikeways-Pedestrian

June 15

Jamie Davis, Mike Griffin (Public Works), Tammy Saldivar, Brenda Lamb, Michael DeBlasi, Rick Kuehn, David Dempster, Cathy Clark (Mayor), David LeDay (Police Liaison)

Rhonda Rich, West Keizer Neighborhood Association, asked for clarification on safety issue for pedestrian crossing and if it should be brought up to the committee or to the Neighborhood Traffic Management. Jamie Davis said that it should be brought to the committee because they can move faster at that level.

Bill White asked about a plan for traffic control at Dearborn Avenue and Verda Lane where apartments are being constructed. Davis said there are some issues that need to be addressed as they pay attention to the placement of the newly constructed driveways and current backups in the traffic circle at Chemawa Road and Verda Lane, as well as current speeding and lack of crosswalks in the area. There were talks of lowering speeds on some of the roads in the area.

Tammy Kunz said she had spoken to approximately 300-400 families in that community and the number one concern was speed.

Police Liaison Sgt. LeDay gave a rundown of the accidents in Keizer from May. There were 15 crashes, two of which involved injuries. Thus far in June, LeDay said there have been only two reported crashes. 

Next meeting: July 20